Jacobus Willem Hendrik Johannes Jaques Carolus Maigret

Sergeant Henk Maigret was born on January 31th, 1908 in Buitenzorg, and was married to Christina (Stien) NunamiteStien was a daughter of a Moluccan KNIL with a Sundanese wife.

When Sergeant Henk Maigret Tarakan departed to Tarakan, he was the proud father of a 5 year old son. He had to leave his wife while she was pregnant with their 2nd childThe lovers wrote letters to each other. Henk was as real Indo. He loves motorcycles, so he had the chance to buy an old wreck, which he completely, or at least moveable, reparedIn the last received letter from TarakanHenk proudly announces that he has made a successful test run on his new possessionThis boy-like sentence was the last life sign from her husband.

After the 2nd World War Stien was searching for her husband in the bersiap time, without knowing how terribly he came to an end.

The search had to be with her ​​oldest son, Ben, because her youngest child was not given the strength to survive the war.

Only around 1947 Ben and Stien Maigret learned through a Red Cross Message how barbaric and inhuman the life of Sergeant Henk Maigret ended.

Despite the intense grief that even 70 years later still palpable, his wife and child then decided the value of life where the Sergeant along with 214fellow companions was killed forto cherish.

Special detailNearly three quarters of a century later, we think in the eyes of his greatgranddaughter Lily Sophie Maigret we sometimes see the intensity that in 1942, ensured that a whole garrison as 1 man attacked the enemy and inflicted a bloweven if it meant offering the highest possibleto be raised.


january 2012 – Hans de Herdt & Germaine Maigret